Villas Parco Campana

A complex of three villas insists on a lot with longitudinal development, lapped on its main sides by public spaces: a park on the north side and a road to the south. The relationship with public space suggests the use of a courtyard that guarantees more privacy by offering an open and private area to each villa. The Villas present, from the compositive point of view, a plastic contrast generated by the combination of a neutral and contemporary parallelepiped to another volume, the archetype of the typical pitched roof house, with a monolithic appearance. The pithed volume is an annex with service spaces, while the residence develops in the rooftop building. The L disposition is a link of connection between the open area of the more intimate space of the court and the one overlooking the park.


ANK ARCHITECTS  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Mauro Striuli, Giulia Paladin, Simone Tonetto


Valentina Camillo


Luca Casonato


JEZ srl


site: Jesolo, Venice, Italy

site area: 550 sqm

schedule: 2016-2017 realization