Temporary layout


The unpolluted park of Villa Ca Zorzi, a nineteenth century residence with Liberty-style features; it is the setting for  FABULA, a project of investigation of the perception of reality. The lay-out provides for the location of suitable areas for the workshops, the refreshment area, and the stand for theatrical performances. The  entry path or course is the border between the usual and the alternative world, meditated, elegant,  proposed by FABULA. Wooden planks, painted white, are set close to each other to form flooring and walls that are in contrast with the nature of the place, amplifying its beauty. The intention of  FABULA is to show that reality is not univocal but is built up through our knowledge and experience. As in a painting by Magritte, a chair, six metres high, is the out-of-scale symbol object set at the entrance to the park, that can surprise the spectator faced with difficulty in recognising  the usual relationship between function and form.



ANK ARCHITECTS, 3MA  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Giulia Voltarel


Nicoletta Boraso




site: Noventa di Piave, Venice, Italy

site area: 20.500 sqm

cost: 20.000 euro

schedule: 2009 realization