Shopping centre


The project consists in the creation of a shopping centre integrating the traditional cottage industries and accommodation facilities that have developed next to the access to Noventa di Piave from the motorway, obligatory transit for all those wishing to reach the northern Adriatic coast. The plot is completely enclosed within roads, two flyovers and a stretch of the A4 motorway. The shops are located on the ground floor, with four units, each of 2000 sqm., and on the top floor together with a gymnasium and restaurant, offices are located on the intervening floors. The spatial volume is laid out along the access road to the motorway, opposite are the entrances to the shops and a parking lot. Gardens extend over the roofs of all the spatial volumes, the fifth façade of the building is visible to those who are travelling along the flyover. At the first floor, the vegetation stretches out to the edge of the property, and the ground slopes making the presence of the storehouses less noticeable; on the upper floors the offices are laid out around cloisters accessible to the public.



ANK ARCHITECTS  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Manuel Marchesin, Giulia Voltarel




site: Noventa di Piave, Venice, Italy

site area: 70.000 sqm

building area: 12.000 euro

schedule: 2011 project