Five houses


Five holiday residences, intended for the residential/tourist market of the Lido di Jesolo, are located on a plot of land half of which faces the streets of the quarter. The whole space is aligned along the north-eastern side of the property and is used as a filter between the access roads to the residential units and the quieter and more private place where the swimming pool is located. The blind appearance of the façade fronting towards the street is nullified by the large windows facing the stretch of water opposite. The spaces between the units define inward-facing areas, natural open-air extensions of the living rooms, and make up the further development of the study carried out concerning the relationship between the public spaces of the condominium and the private rooms of the houses. The roofs jut over each other with different slopes and orientations to provide for the natural lighting of the outside spaces of the residences.



ANK ARCHITECTS  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Giulia Voltarel




site: Jesolo, Venice, Italy

site area: 1.380 sqm

volume: 1.800 cm

cost: 750.000 euro

schedule: 2010 project