Law firm interiors


An apartment, built in the Seventies, is transformed into the headquarters of a law firm. The row of rooms that face a wide central corridor provides the opportunity for organising and arranging the waiting room. The spaces for common use are characterised by one single article of furniture, a long white wall-cupboard that conceals the doors of the offices and extends to the entrance and ends with a counter that functions  as a reception desk. The walls of frosted glass provide for natural lighting of the internal corridors, reducing energy consumption. Continuous rows of lights set into the ceiling link the corridor spaces together. The ethereal finish provided by the white furniture, the walls, ceilings and  frosted glass is in sharp contrast with the material aspect of the oak flooring.



ANK ARCHITECTS  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Giulia Voltarel, Manuel Marchesin, Valeria Bidogia


Luca Casonato




site: San Donà di Piave, Venice, Italy

site area: 140 sqm

schedule: 2010 realization