Residential Building


On a particularly compressed plot, the construction of a single-family house through the recovery and enlargement of an existing building. The project that, in its  volumetric composition, is affected by severe normative restrictions regarding distances from boundaries  and other buildings, develops on two floors, one of which is above ground. The obligation to maintain the external dimensions of the existing spatial volume provides the opportunity to define the rules for the composition or make-up of the project, a system of parallelepipeds set one beside the other, adapting the existing structure for improvement. The roofs are all of the same shape and integrate into a single whole with the vertical walls, transforming the  building into a “rock”. The walls are of reinforced concrete visible from outside and completely covered with plasterboard using the “box in box” technique. The sloping roofs are cut off at the top to form skylights for the direct lighting of the inside rooms.



ANK ARCHITECTS  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Giulia Voltarel, Roberto Bustreo


Fabio Cuzziol




site: San Donà di Piave, Venice, Italy

site area: 1.100 sqm

volume: 750 mc

cost: 300.000 euro

schedule: 2010 project