Commercial and residential building


Spaces for shops, offices and residences constitute the functions of the building, located near the city of Tripoli. Like in a Rubik’s cube, the spatial volumes that make it up are translated or shifted one over the other and this results in  façades that are separated in floors of different depths that can establish, in the interstices, practical loggias. The external facing in decorated ceramic and the alternation of transparent and opaque surfaces negate  a context that is lacking in any historical or social value. The inward-facing residential units  on the top two  floors  are spread around patios.



ANK ARCHITECTS, 3MA  Andrea Battistin, Andrea De Faveri, Mauro Giordan, Massimo Rigo


Alex Merotto, Fabio Cuzziol




site: Tripli, Libya

volume: 9.200 mc

cost: 4.000.000 euro

schedule: 2010 project